3 Most Popular Strength Cycles For Beginners

Do you want to boost up your muscle mass? Have a desire to build the optimal level of endurance? There is a wide variety of strength cycles. As soon as you tap on the web, lots of strength stacks are there. However, not everyone is suitable for a beginner. When it’s your first time with steroids, then it’s vital for you to study every compound carefully. Some materials are so potent that when a beginner consumes it, it causes more side effects than benefits. On the other hand, an experienced person can follow both beginner and experienced-level strength stacks as his body are used to strength formulas. Let’s find out about being ready to take strength stacks.

What is the best Strength Cycle for Beginners?

As it’s your first time with the strength cycle, you better be careful in consuming any product. If you start a steroid cycle, you must know about its risks and effects. In case you consume something toxic or harsh, you may experience severe side effects- recovery from which takes more time. The best strength steroids you can consider for your first cycle are Testosterone, Dianabol, and Anavar.


Whenever you ask about the safest strength stacks for beginners, then everyone will talk about Anavar. It is the safest steroid you can use because men or women who have already used it hardly experience any side effects. Therefore, it’s also an FDA approved medicine, readily available in drugstores. It would be best to opt for this compound when a significant muscle mass isn’t your goal, as its consumption won’t bring dramatic results.

One thing you must note at this point is that the Anavar strength cycle has considerable effects on endogenous testosterone production. Although your testosterone won’t shut down entirely, it will dropdown. An example of your Anavar process is when you consume 20mg for six weeks. Once your body gets adjusted with it, you can increase the strength cycle to eight weeks. You don’t need PCT as it’s not a very harsh compound. After some weeks, your hormone level will be back to normal.


People who don’t mind kickstarting their strength cycle from potent steroids always go with testosterone. You can create your beginner strength stacks with it as well. When it comes to muscle gain and strength, athletes experts strongly recommend this steroid. You can expect to enjoy a gain of 20lbs lean mass through a cycle of six or eight weeks. As it’s a potent steroid, you must know that some severe health consequences are related to it. As cholesterol levels boost up, the risks of cardiovascular diseases also increase.

During your first cycle, you can go with Testosterone cypionate and enanthate esters. You don’t need to set a constant injection frequency since two injections in a week are enough to keep the optimal level of testosterone in your bloodstream. As it’s a powerful cycle also know as best strength stack, you also need PCT for it. The two best options are Clomid and Tamoxifen. They both work as SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator); as you are using Test, gynecomastia’s risk increases. You can keep it under control with either 2x200mg doses of Clomid or 2x10mg of Tamoxifen.


If you don’t want to inject yourself, Dianabol is one of the best strength cycles for beginners. You can produce big muscle mass through it, but don’t overlook its side effects. Many experts don’t advise it because this is a c-17 alpha-alkylated steroid, which is why the liver strain. You can also experience a spike in the blood pressure level because your body will have additional water retention. As a beginner, you can gain more than 25lbs from the Dianabol strength cycle. It would be best if you used TUDCA as it lets you prevent liver damage. Make sure to take Clomid during or after Dianabol’s process because, through it, you can restore testosterone production in the body and avoid having man-boobs or gynecomastia.

You have an idea about the best steroids you can consume as a beginner for muscle mass and strength. It’s good to go with one steroid-only cycle. However, some beginners go with the best strength stack to enjoy the best results in a short time. No matter what stack or cycle you use, make sure to take all health measures to avoid or prevent side effects.